Mavala Hoofsticks

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Mavala Hoofsticks

These Hoofsticks from Mavala will both remove dead skin and clean the free edge under the nail

The perfect tool to complete your manicure

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Mavala Hoofsticks

Mavala Hoofsticks have a supple rubber tip to facilitate removal of dead skin which has resisted to the manicure stick wrapped with cotton wool, to form a neat nail contour.

The other end of the Hoofstick allows cleaning under the free edge of nails.

How to use:
After rolling back the cuticle with a cotton covered Manicure Stick, dampen the rubber hoof end of the stick.

Gently mould cuticle into desired form and free any portion adhering to the nail.

Mavala specialise in providing award winning treatments and top quality nail polish.

After using, we recommend applying Mavala Cuticle Massage Oil 5ml


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