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Hugo Boss Element EDT 90ml (for him)

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Hugo Boss Element EDT 90ml ┬áis an intriguing composition of the 4 elements – Fire, Water, Wind, Earth. A physically and mentally refreshing scent

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Hugo Boss Element EDT 90ml

Described as a “physically and mentally refreshing” scent. Hugo Boss Element EDT 90ml opens with calone, flows into a heart of ginger and coriander, and is rounded off with a smooth base of cedarwood.

This new, fresh and spicy fragrance composition is an innovative interpretation of the four elements.

  1. The head notes emit the intense clarity of a sea breeze.
  2. Fire lies in the heart with scents of ginger and citrus chords.
  3. Masculine wood notes symbolise the element Earth with a bedrock of elegance.
  4. The fourth element, Air, is expressed in the unmistakable shape of an oxygen bottle.

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