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Green Angel Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream

RRP: £26.95


Green Angel Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream

Pure and Organic Irish Seaweed


Green Angel Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream

Smart women just want to have a natural, youthful, beautiful face without blemishes.

If you Include anti-aging products that contain collagen into your skincare regime it can be of enormous benefit.

Not only does this Green Angel face cream product contain Botanical collagen but it also combines four types of hand harvested Organic Irish Seaweed which provides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. … Like most vegetables, seaweed contains vitamins A and C. It is also rich in potassium, calcium , iodine, magnesium and iron and seaweed is one of the few vegetable sources of vitamin B . It is also enriched with Vitamin E which may help improve fine lines and wrinkles by providing an antioxidant boost that helps the healthy growth of new skin cells. And completely unique to Green Angel in all their face care products is an organic blend of root and flower extract to soothe , tone and brighten your spirit.

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